My name is Sandra Giabardo, I’m venetian and I’ve been living in Piedmont for several years where I’ve been working in communications for a long time.
It’s been some time that I wish to give a shape to thought and passion working with my hands.
Finally, after the age of fifty (when someone says it’s time to start all over ..) I gave life to a new project that I like, in which I totally immersed myself and in which I have my own identity.

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I like precious textiles and trimmings from the region of my origin, the colored woolen pom-pom’s, the kings and queens made of ceramic of Sicily and all the various expressions of the Italian tradition.
I’m attracted to everything that our grandmothers made by hand: doilies, placements, coasters, pillows, half-stitched paintings..
I search for them passionately becoming enthusiastic when I find them and I love the idea to offer new life to beautiful and precious things, often wrongly forgotten.


With the Santaninfa brand i create unique pieces made by hand, fruit of my personal creativity but inspired to typical manual works of the Italian tradition.
I called this project “Santaninfa” in honor of one of the patron Saints of Palermo and of a grandmother that I particularely loved (nonna Ninfa), whom never left the region of Veneto but with a funny sicilian name, from whom I ineherited the dexterity and passion for embroideries.
I like to think that this project is my little contribution to Italian things made with love and of the regional folklore of our country, full of contaminations, of colors, of charm.

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